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Password management using YuBiKey, PGP/GnuPG and GIT

Overview Basically, all passwords are kept in a one-password-per-file structure according to pass format which are encrypted using PGP (GnuPG) and version controlled using git. This git repository is kept in sync across devices using a remote git hosting service like GitHUB. The nice part about this solution is that the private/secret keys, which are needed every time to access a password, are kept in a YuBiKey and therefore not stored and distributed on any of my devices.

DIY Corner Desk - height adjustable

For my new office at home I wanted to have a large desk with lots of space for all my hobby projects. At first I looked at (professional) used office furniture but ended up (as aways…) building my own DIY desk because of cost/budget. Neither was it easy to find a desk with the right dimensions. So this is a short post about how you can build a huge-ass, height adjustable, corner desk with relative low budget.

Zero downtime deployments with database changes - JavaZone 2016

This year @ JavaZone, I talked about how to achieve zero downtime deployments with database changes and what architecture is required to do so. The slides are available here. Zero downtime continuous deployment architecture Sebastian Dehne from JavaZone on Vimeo.

Practical API design - JavaZone 2015

Here is my talk I gave on JavaZone 2015 about Practical API design. Practical API design - Sebastian Dehne from JavaZone on Vimeo.

How to build a 22kW charging station + soft starter for a 25kVA transformer

To enable faster charging of our EV, I needed 3 phase 400V. But in Norway, most houses only get 3 phase 230V (IT earthing system). In order to get 400V, a transformer is needed. In this project, you can see how I built my own 22kW charging station using a cheap second hand transformer. I will also show you how you can soft start such a transformer to overcome the problem of high inrush current.