DIY Corner Desk - height adjustable

For my new office at home I wanted to have a large desk with lots of space for all my hobby projects. At first I looked at (professional) used office furniture but ended up (as aways...) building my own DIY desk because of cost/budget. Neither was it easy to find a desk with the right dimensions.

So this is a short post about how you can build a huge-ass, height adjustable, corner desk with relative low budget.

Shopping list

  • 1x ikea 502.511.33 (table top - corner)
  • 2x ikea 602.511.37 (table top - straight)
  • 2x ikea 902.553.27 (underframe)
  • 1x ikea 102.643.02 (leg)
  • 4x bolt M8 - at least 100mm long
  • 8x nuts M8

Those parts are not really meant to fit on themselves. The underframes are wider than the straigh table tops but they support the corner table top nicely. Read on and you will see it works out just fine.

Shopping list

Joining the table tops

Joining the table tops such that it becomes one rock solid large table top was the first step. Put the table tops together on the floor (upside down) and mark out a suitable place where the joints can be made:

Preparation Preparation Preparation

Now use a router (or some other tool) to hollow out the marked area in such a way that a bolt with nuts at each end fits in nicely. Be careful to not cut through the table tops:

hollow out hollow out

Adjust the height

Now is a good time to adjust the height og the underframes and the leg according to your preferences. It is more cumbersome to adjust the height later when the table tops are mounted.

Putting it all together

Almost done. Place all three table tops on the two underframes and on the leg (which goes into the corner) and make sure everything is nice and level (adjust height accordingly). Put bolts into the hollowed out areas and tighten them such that all three table tops are joined together:

Putting it all together Putting it all together

Find some 50mm screws with a washer and secure table tops to the underframes:

Secure the table tops Secure the table tops Secure the table tops


All done.

end result end result