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How to build a 22kW charging station + soft starter for a 25kVA transformer

To enable faster charging of our EV, I needed 3 phase 400V. But in Norway, most houses only get 3 phase 230V (IT earthing system). In order to get 400V, a transformer is needed. In this project, you can see how I built my own 22kW charging station using a cheap second hand transformer. I will also show you how you can soft start such a transformer to overcome the problem of high inrush current.

How to solder a thermal fuse

For my next project, I needed to build in sme thermal protection which would cut off the power in case of overheating. The way to do that, is to use a thermal (cut off) fuse which is a one time use circuit breaker which disconnects the circuit once it reaches a certain temperature. Once the fuse has blown, it needs to be replaced. My local hardware store had a fuse from “Elmwood Sensors” of type “D076-002” in stock, which is a thermal cut off fuse which blows at 77°C.

Smart phone controlled LED lamp

I was meaning to put this up for quite a while now. Back in 2011, I designed and built a ceiling lamp which I wanted to share. The end result Goal It started out when we wanted to improve the lighting situation in our living room and I was initially looking for an off-the-shelf lamp which full fills our needs: potential to provide a lot of light (>8000 lumens for our ~30m^2 room) dimmable indirect lightning minimalistic (& invisible?

Garage door controller – part 1

In my garage I have a door opener from the norwegian firm Edlandsporten. Here is a picture of the device and the official brochure: Unfortunately, the included wireless remote controll has broken down and I need a replacement for it. I contacted the manufacture and they offered me a set of two new hand transmitters for a ridiculous price of 1000 NOK (~ 125 EUR).

Garage door controller – part 2

The finished PCB has arrived quite a while ago now and has been assembled as well. Time to upload the final part of this project to see some results. I selected Beta Layout as the PCB manufacturer for this project with quite satisfying results. I especially liked that they sent me automated pictures of the board after each manufacture step, which turned out to be very useful. Using those, I was able to detect that the holes had been drilled using the wrong drill sizes.